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The university system previously denied the claims, but must now pay as part of a class action settlement, The Missoulian reported ( http://bit.ly/2ptLsdX ) Sunday. The university system used to have an exclusion in its health insurance policy stating it would not pay benefits if other insurance was available, attorney for the plaintiffs Hillary Carls said. About 45,000 letters have been sent to people who might have had a claim between October 2001 and December 2016, McRae said. The university system funds its own health insurance plan and keeps a "multi-million (dollar) reserve," McRae said. It has adequate funds to pay all claims that are approved as a result of the case, he said. Current and former employees are submitting claims anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to $120,000, Carls said. "We're talking about a population of employees who had been injured in some way, and we're just trying to get them the compensation they're due under Montana law," Carls said. A hearing on the medical insurance claims is scheduled for Dec. 5 in Gallatin County District Court.

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"There are now more people with mental health conditions receiving the higher rates of both PIP components than the previous disability living allowance (DLA) equivalents. "All PIP assessors receive training on mental health conditions, so they are able to explore claimants' circumstances carefully and sensitively." Private companies Capita and Atos are not provided with a set of specific questions to follow in PIP assessments, though the DWP insists such sensitive questions are asked appropriately. A spokesman for Atos, which carried out Ms Kirby's assessment, said: "The professional and compassionate service we provide to claimants is our primary consideration. "The specific question is inappropriate and if asked would not meet the high standards and training in place which enable the sensitive and appropriate handling of assessments by our professional assessors for those with mental health conditions." Ms Kirby, 25, was originally awarded the higher rate for both parts of PIP, and underwent an early reassessment in November after telling the DWP that her health had deteriorated. Despite feeling that her conditions have worsened, she has been taken down to the standard rate. "I've read both of my reports, and it's very clear that I'm sicker in the most recent assessment compared to the first, but I was still cut," said Ms Kirby. "It makes me feel like I'm almost irrelevant. My disabilities and limitations don't seem to really matter in this whole process. "The DWP have an agenda, they have targets to meet, and if my assessor had a target to cut someone down that week then she was going to meet that, despite my symptoms." Ms Kirby accused assessors of being "inconsistent and often they actually just outright lie" in their reports. She is awaiting the result of a mandatory reconsideration, but expects to have to go to tribunal to try to get the DWP's decision overruled. She added: "I would describe this process and what I have been through as institutional abuse, and I'm not alone.

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[loss adjusters]

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